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2021 Artist in Residence Program

Canadian Museum of Immigration


May 21, 2021

End of day

This year will mark our first virtual residency. Echoing our new multimedia film experience about the contributions of generations of immigrants to Canada, this year’s residency is a national call-out to create a collaborative digital project that allows Canadians to share pictures / video / words / etc. about immigrant contributions to Canada. The proposed project must be suitable to be shared digitally on one of the museum’s platforms.

The 2021 residency is flexible on medium and timing. Where, historically, artists have worked at the museum sixteen hours a week for six months, this year we will welcome proposals for projects that take 2 – 8 months.

Ownership of the work will remain with the artist with the understanding that we will host the completed project on one or more of the Museum’s digital platforms (including, but not limited to, website, Instagram, Facebook or YouTube).

Final projects that include written or spoken words must be English and French and all projects must meet standard accessibility guidelines which will be determined for the selected project. The Museum can offer translation services, subtitling / captioning / described video / etc.

Please write to Carrie-Ann Smith at if you would like to receive sample project ideas or review the works of past Artists in Residence at the Museum.