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Indigenous Artist-in-Residence

Department of Visual Arts, Western University


Jul. 7, 2021

End of Day

The residency will be situated in the Department of Visual Arts for a period of 8 to 12 months beginning September 1, 2021. The stipend for this position is $50,000 (inclusive of taxes) regardless of the length of the residency and is intended to cover support materials, travel, accommodation, artist fees and costs related to the residency, although additional funds can be applied for through the Department.

The Department of Visual Arts has particular strengths in media, photography, painting, printmaking, sound, sculpture, and installation. Department facilities include the Artlab Gallery, the Cohen Explorations Lab and Cohen Commons, the Centre for Sustainable Curating, as well as studio facilities including woodshop, sound studio, print-making studio, painting studio, dark room, and black box media lab. The Department of Visual Arts supports numerous projects committed to social and environmental justice and would welcome the successful candidate’s potential input and/or collaboration in these areas.