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Submission #1
Title: Hamilton After 5 #2
Artist: Mark Jenkyns
Medium: Gouache

Description: The work portrays the gathering of the creative and business
community at a networking event in Hamilton
Submission #2
Title: The Great Lake
Artist: Andrew Taylor
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Description: Painting depicts cloud over the horizon of a Great Lake
Submission #3
Title: Pink Smock
Artist: Nancy McPhee
Medium: Textiles

Description: This piece is from a new textile series inspired equally by home textiles, colour field paintings and the integrity of the fabric. These pieces are an experiment in materiality and planes of space that are equally forward thinking and rooted in traditional making.
Submission #4
Title: Liberty Bell
Artist: Ben Dyment
Medium: Film Photography

Description: Double-exposed photograph, shot on expired 25mm colour film
Submission #5
Title: Catherine
Artist: Eden Isbister
Medium: Pressed Flowers

Description: It may be because the frame has come from our family farm. It may be because even at the age of 90, she still has plants to water. All in all, it reminds me of Grandma.
Submission #6
Title: Untitled, Self Portrait
Artist: Clara Laratta
Medium: Archival Pigment Print on Somerset

Description: It is one of 52 works created in 2018/2019 to represent the general experience of one week of life. For one year, each morning when I woke up, I created a water drawing on my bathroom mirror. Before going to bed, I showered and took a photograph of my reflection in the mirror. The image contained the remains of the morning drawing.
Submission #7
Title: The Winds at the RBG
Artist: Jude Johnson
Medium: Acrylic & Collage

Description: Inspired by the trees that give us spiritual connection and clean air. Hamilton has a great canopy of treetops that sway in the winds off of Cootes Paradise.
Submission #8
Title: Long-standing Oak
Artist: Lucy Erskine
Medium: Sterling Silver

Description: Three rounded silver Oak leaves are shaped by hammers and tools in my version of Repoussé, with links to connect. This singular neckpiece is comprised of two individual ones which can be worn separately or one fitted into the components of the other.
Submission #9
Title: The Third Portrait Of Happiness
Artist: Ayobami Macaulay
Medium: Photography

Description: This piece depicts the heat map of the human body experiencing happiness and/or elation. Inspiration for this piece came from observing the scientific heat map of human emotion. In a way, the colour of happiness is a display of blood-red and sun orange, with certain spots of hot white.
Submission #10
Title: Red Poppies
Artist: Irina Valentin
Medium: Acrylic

Description: Our Canadian culture is often rooted in traditions that we bring from other countries. For me, it is traditions of gardening that my Ukrainian grandmothers taught me as a child.
Submission #11
Title: Hamilton Shorelin, Lake Ontario, Great Lakes
Artist: Margaret Lindsay Holton
Medium: Photography

Description: Shoreline photograph of Lake Ontario as it lands on the Hamilton Beach strip. Lone Transcanada pipeline marker pole on right of image.
Submission #12
Title: Biker Boi
Artist: Myles George-Archibald
Medium: Photography

Description: A boy on a bike coasts down a sidewalk on east Barton at eleven at night. An often forgotten or unsavoury area of the city in the minds of many shows so much character and photogenic appeal.
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Voting closes on Sunday, Sept 8, 2019 @ 11:59pm

The winner will be announced Sept 9, 2019

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