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Alexa MacKenzie

Alexa MacKenzie is a visual artist, whose focus is sculpture. Working with a wide array of materials, her process often overlaps to building props for theatre...

Sculptor & Prop Builder

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Alexander Notarangelo

My name is Alexander, I am a carpenter at Joseph Brant Hospital who discovered oil painting 5 months ago during the great Covid-19 lock down of 2020. I have always...

Oil Painter

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Allana Mayer

Allana Mayer is an archivist, photographer, researcher, and writer in Hamilton. She works with families, artists, venues, corporations, and community groups to help...

Archivist, Writer, and Photographer

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Amanda Hollingworth

Amanda’s initial love of art growing up, be it painting, illustration or photography, lead her to a career in graphic design, primarily designing ...

Visual Artist + Graphic Designer

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Amy Ferrari Art

I am an independent contemporary artist specializing in the art of transformation. My mission is to create art that enhances creativity, positivity, and happiness in any environment, and then to share my...

Visual Artist

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Anita Thomas-Maille

Anita Thomas-Maillé is an artist and photographer known for her aerial, aviation, and landscape photography. A life-long painter, Anita is often inspired by what she has...

Visual Artist and Photographer

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Athanase is a modern folk-rock band from Hamilton, whose music “is as eternal as their name is unique.” The band bends genres, combining folk, alternative, 50’s rock n roll...


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Azuline Duo

Azuline Duo features award-winning musicians Sara Traficante (flute) and Emma Rush (guitar). This ensemble pushes the boundaries of their instruments and conventional programming with unusual and rarely heard ...

Music for Flute and Guitar

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Barbara Galway

I have travelled extensively in France and this wonderful setting has inspired much of my artwork. I also have incorporated abstract work in in my collection as I progress in...


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Be(e) Right Back Productions

Be(e) Right Back Productions is a local theatre company devoted to the creation of new works. Established in 2011, Be(e) Right Back Productions has had multidisciplinary...

Theatre Creator

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