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Aoife Gregus

Visual Artist - Acrylic Painter


What did you play with most as a child? It’s likely a pure passion and something that brings you true enjoyment.

Aoife coloured. Her prize possession was a 64 count pyramid of crayons, that was lost in a move when she was 8, and her budding artistry with it.

As a working parent, and seeking an outlet for her kids during the pandemic, she participated in an online painting class with her family. Her kids thought the class was “fine”, but it sparked an awakening for her. She has long searched for the part of her that was more than the everyday, and had written off this search as trivial or child play. But isn’t childplay something we all need a little more of in our adult lives?

“So this is my new romance that I am sharing with you. This is beauty through my eyes. This is a moment in time. This is the most mundane of things, that all of a sudden take on a new light”

Painting is her passion.

Aoife Gregus (pronounced EFA) is a Canadian of Irish decent. She is a self taught painter.