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Claud Spadafora

Theatre and Multimedia Artist & Producer


Claud (she/TBD) is a multidisciplinary art person, born and rooted in Hamilton. Claud creates in every way she can; as a theatre-maker, a multimedia artist, a filmmaker, a performer, and other mediums too. Claud writes and directs plays— the latest was Key Words Include, a site-specific piece about settler responsibility and comparing earth trauma to femme trauma (Hamilton Frost Bites Festival in February 2020). Claud makes films— the latest being her Recovering series, which used spoken word poetry and stylized dance to compare the recovery of an eating disorder to the five stages of grief. Claud is also a goofy actor person, and recently played a tap-dancing, chain-smoking farce-grandma in a musical. Claud contains multitudes. Claud is also a crazy queer and therefore loves making art about mental illness advocacy and LGBTQ2SIA+ issues. She has showcased her work at Hamilton Community Foundation’s Women For Change conference and been nominated for a 2017 Emerge Media Award. Claud currently works as co-artistic director at Femmepire.