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Corrie Jensen

Visual Artist/Painter


Hamilton, ON

I have been painting on and off since I was in college, dabbling here and there with different mediums. In 2018 I bought a paint by number kit and found that activity extremely relaxing. This hobby became a serious passion from that time on finding it helped to cope with high stress levels at my desk.

As I continued painting and progressed from that paint by number to painting freehand, I found a passion and love of my ability to create landscapes. I found an ability to express myself in ways that I never imagine were possible. My hope is that when people see my work, they experience the same peace and tranquility that I gain from painting it.

I consider myself a self-taught artist, watching painting tutorials and learning from distinguished teachers who share their passion through YouTube videos. These teachers have brought me a better understanding of the depth perception and a true appreciation for the beauty and peace that comes from painting.