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David J. Forsyth

Author and Poet


Binbrook, Ontario

Raised in rural Ontario by parents of modest means, David J. Forsyth grew up in the shadow of World War Two amid technologies and a social environment long forgotten by most. Forsyth embarked on a career as a commercial artist and developed his copywriting, language and editing skills through technical writing. A life-long obsession with genealogy led him to appreciate the histories of ordinary people. His debut book, "Dafydd" 2014, a memoir of his 1950s rural childhood, is a record of a wonderful time in history. Forsyth’s next book, "Too Cold for Mermaids" 2017, is a non-fiction account of the author’s sailing exploits in the North Atlantic and inland waterways of the US and Canada. A third work, "Footnotes" 2020, is a collection of poems written over sixty years. The author is currently working on his first novel, "Alice and The Machine Gunner." The narrative is based on the life of a English war-bride who, in 1919, sailed to Canada with little hope of ever seeing her family and friends again.