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Irina Valentin

Irina grew up in a family of professional photographers and artists. She studied at the University of Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine before immigrating to Canada. She received a Master's degree in Art from York University in Toronto and then obtained her Ph.D. in psychology. While her work for the last two decades was focused on neuropsychology, she has applied art therapy to treat her patients and used painting and gardening as types of meditation in her own life. Irina's deep knowledge of brain functioning, recent research on art and the role of one's life experience on personal communication and perception have made her a believer in the power of visual art. Irina has a huge garden and feels that she has a deep spiritual connection with plants. Flowers for her are not just beautiful objects but spiritual essences that allow us to be connected to nature in the way that we often feel only through deep levels of meditation. Over the last years Irina tries to find more time for her own paintings as part of her continuing journey to elicit new perceptual and emotional responses in self and others.



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