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Robbie Ritchie Art

Painter, mixed media, collage, digital +


I am 26 years old, born and raised in Hamilton.
I first started my painting journey in 2012. Over the years I have created many bodies of work ranging in a number of mediums. I am Mostly self Taught / No Institutional or school training but I do attend workshops and seminars some of which were taught by internationally acclaimed artist including: Alex Grey, Oleg Korolev, and Chris Dyer.
I use many methods and approaches to creating my work depending on the vision or desired outcome for the piece. With a lot pieces they have an intuitive start and magical process. Splashing colours together on the canvas, shaping things together and crystallizing what I see in the patterns and markings. Other pieces are more precisely planned and executed. Hand-cut paper Collaging and mixed media are also some things I like to incorporate into my work as well. I have recently been able to explore more digital creations using procreate which has been a great new tool to explore new approaches and styles. My website is under construction so the best spot to view or inquire about my art / have any questions For Me is on my Instagram page @robbieritchie