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The Professional Development Series includes resources to address challenges and build the professional capacities of individuals and groups across the cultural sector.

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Presented in partnership with the City of Hamilton’s Tourism and Culture Division.

UPCOMING SESSIONS (October - November 2022)

All sessions are free - Registrants will be emailed links to for live access and post-session recordings.





Presented by Flora Shum, Outreach Coordinator & Jason Samilski, Managing Director, CARFAC Ontario, and Daniel Pink, lawyer and board member, ALAS

CARFAC Ontario is the association of visual and media artists in Ontario. Members of CARFAC Ontario have access to a variety of services, supports, discounts, and engagement opportunities that are tailored to visual and media artists. 

For 35 years, Artists' Legal Advice Services (ALAS) has worked to empower Ontario's creative community by providing access to summary legal advice, information, and education. ALAS is operated by volunteer entertainment and intellectual property lawyers, fellow creators, and law students who generously donate their time to help provide advice to those who may not be able to access more expensive alternatives. ALAS assists creators in three main ways: our educational sessions, our bi-weekly legal clinic, and our legal database.

In this 90 minute session, come and discuss key legal issues from the HAC survey, share your experiences, and ask questions to an ALAS lawyer and the CARFAC team. You will also be able to learn more about CARFAC Ontario and ALAS’ new program, Ontario Artists' Legal Support Network. This new program has been formed to provide and prioritize free legal advice and information, one-on-one artist support, and resources for artists who lack access to these kinds of support due to overlapping systemic barriers such as racism, homophobia, transphobia, and/or misogyny. CARFAC Ontario and ALAS acknowledges that these barriers can be compounded by mental health issues, disabilities, poverty, legal/immigration status, access to education, experience in the justice system, among other ongoing barriers.


CARFAC Ontario and ALAS’ intention is to support artists through a holistic lens of care. Programs are developed in response to issues artists have identified. CARFAC Ontario and ALAS is here to connect with you individually so as to better understand the challenges you are facing, and how they may be able to provide support.

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Strategic Innovation Fund


Presented by Canada Council for the Arts 

Canada Council for the Arts’ Strategic Innovation Fund aims to strengthen and transform the arts sector. The Fund supports rebuilding and transformation projects and partnerships that contribute to a more resilient, sustainable, connected, accessible, and equitable arts sector. 


This webinar will introduce the Strategic Innovation Fund and provide an overview of its objectives and components. Two program officers will share tips and tools to help you prepare an application, and the session will conclude with a Q&A period.


The webinar is intended for artists, organizations, groups and collectives from Canada, including First Nations, Inuit and Métis artists. We also welcome participation from arts and cultural professionals, and cultural carriers.



All resources are free to access (via youtube). 


CITY ENRICHMENT FUND: Creation & Presentation Stream 

Presented by Andrea Carvalho (Policy Analyst - Grants, City of Hamilton)

This session will introduce the City Enrichment Fund and provide an overview of the Creation & Presentation funding stream. The eligibility, artist project overview, support material requirements, expectations and the requirements of the funding stream will be reviewed. It will also include tips on preparing an application and conclude with a Q&A.


This session is intended for artists and artist collectives at any stage of their career. The Creation & Presentation stream provides project grants for the creation of new work and its presentation, with an upcoming deadline on November 2nd, 2022.

Presenter image artist: Alex Kasyan (Montreal).

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ARTS BUSINESS: Budgets for Beginners (Theatre)

Presented by Aaron Jan (Playwright, Director, & Established Grant Writer)

What is a budget? How do I make it work? How much should I pay people and how do I navigate the darned equity website?

This 90 minute presentation, Aaron describes areas to consider when building a budget, such as standard rates for hiring creators, opportunities for grant funding, where to source costs and budget templates and how to avoid common mistakes. 

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ARTS BUSINESS: Social Media Ad Campaigns

Presented by Suzanne Zandbergen (Founder, The Generator )

Learn best practices for creating the most engaging content, because just posting regularly is not enough. Learn how to create inexpensive paid Instagram/Facebook ad campaigns to sell your work and get people attending your events. We walk through the Meta Ads Manager tool to show you how to get the absolute most for your money.


This session is for artists/creatives in any field, who are already regular social media users and familiar with Facebook/Instagram general functions. Resources for absolute beginners are available HERE

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ARTS BUSINESS: Crafting Compelling Statements for Funding Applications

Presented by Anuja Varghese (Writer & Arts Consultant, Arts Capital)

This interactive session guides participants through the process of answering those dreaded “statement” questions that so many funding applications call for – and answering them well!


Topics include developing an artistic statement, an impact statement, a vision statement, and building alignment between your statements and funder goals. We discuss the different types of funding applications (public, private, corporate) that may call for these types of statements and how to tailor responses effectively.


This session is for artists in any field who are considering applying for individual or project funding. 

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Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA)

Presented by Barbora Racevičiūtė & Marilyne Parent  (IMAA)

This session will provide an overview of the Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA), a national organization working to advance and strengthen the media arts community in Canada. Learn about IMAA'a recently renewed Fee Schedule, the IMAASouce database of resources for media artists & practitioners, and its major initiatives coming up in 2023/24. The session will conclude with a Q&A.

This session is intended for independent media artists and cultural workers at any stage of their career, art collectives, and media art organizations. The term media arts applies to all forms of time-related or interactive art works that are created by the recording of sounds, visual images, or use new technologies. These artworks are creative expressions and encompass the fields of film, audio, video and computer, digital, and electronic art.



Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists (ACTRA)

Presented by Taisa Dekker (ACTRA Toronto)

Lights, camera, ACTRA!


The famous faces and voices that you see and hear in films, TV shows, and commercials every day are members of ACTRA. The Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television & Radio Artists (ACTRA) is the largest organization of cultural workers in Canada and has been advocating for Canadian performers for almost 80 years.


This session will cover how ACTRA protects performers, promotes diversity on screen, advocates for Canadian storytelling, and more. Join us on November 2nd to learn all about ACTRA.



Welcome to WorkInCulture

Presented by Diane Davy & Brianne DiAngelo

WorkInCulture is a non-profit arts service organization that supports the professional lives of artists, creatives and cultural workers across Canada through skills development, research and career resources. In this presentation, we’ll introduce you to who WorkInCulture is, what we do and the resources we offer to help support Canadian artists and arts workers. If you work in the arts and culture sector as an artist, creative entrepreneur or arts administrator, or for an arts organization or a creative industry, this presentation is for you!


Diane Davy, Executive Director, WorkInCulture

Brianne DiAngelo, Marketing and Communications Manager, WorkInCulture

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ARTS BUSINESS: Developing Strategies for Sponsorship


Presented by Shawna White (Head of Development, AGH)

This 90 minute session session will provide considerations for engaging sponsors for financial and in-kind support of your projects. Topics will include best practices for communication with potential sponsors, and important strategies for inspiring corporate investment in your work.

This session is for artists/creatives (at any career level) and groups working in the cultural sector. The session will conclude with a Q&A. Key takeaway: know how to successfully place your organization within the competitive sponsorship market.

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A panel discussion on the lived-expereince of dance and movement artists trying to create a sustainable practice, including resources and considerations for emerging and professional dance artists

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A panel discussion on the lived experience of designers and creatives trying to create a sustainable practice, including resources and considerations for emerging and professional designers

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This highly engaging 90-minute workshop, Nancy Watt discusses the social psychology behind Imposter Syndrome, and how enhanced emotional and intellectual Adaptability can help us spot it, confront it, and manage it to our advantage. 

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Social media marketing for artists explores; What social media platforms should I be using? How do I become visible and searchable? Are paid posts worth it? The session will also emphasize the importance of storytelling and engagement. 

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An introduction to payment standards in the Canadian visual and media arts sector, and what to expect when showing work in different contexts, negotiating fair compensation, and considerations for pricing and selling artworks. 

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A session for emerging writers and writers who are preparing to send their work to a publisher or agent. Janet Rogers shares methods to get your literary work publisher-ready and ways to find the right publisher for you.

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This information presentation provides an overview of the elements that go into a successful project plan, as a roadmap for successful delivery of events, and presentation.


A panel discussion of the lived-experience and inherent challenges of theatre professionals trying to create a sustainable practice, including resources and considerations for emerging and professional theatre artists and presenters.

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An introduction to the Ontario Arts Council, and their resources and services, including; accessing support for preparing grant applications, and the role of OAC grant officers. The session include tips on preparing applications


An introduction to the Ontario Arts Council, and their resources and services, including; accessing support for preparing grant applications, and the role of OAC grant officers. The session include tips on preparing applications