As the ongoing pandemic and parallel economic crisis continues to decimate Hamilton’s arts sector, Hamilton Arts Council needs your help to ‘Save the Arts’.


Below are some amazing groups and organizations that make arts possible across the Hamilton region. Clicking 'SUPPORT NOW' will link you to each organizations support page, whether it's through donations, memberships, or purchases. HAC is calling upon our creative community to amplify our urgent request for support, from audiences and businesses who may be in a position to donate.


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Please support or donate to these Hamiltonian arts organizations and collectives!

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Aeris Körper Contemporary Dance

Aeris Körper Contemporary Dance creates performative experiences that explore movement of the body, stretching of the mind and the connection between the two. We explore human embodiment leading to uninhibited artistic expression and living.

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Cobalt Connects

Cobalt Connects is arts service organization based in Hamilton focused on spurring innovative facilities, public art, research and programs that advance the creative and cultural sector in Ontario. Locally we lead Hamilton Winterfest, develop cultural facilities like The Westdale Cinema and The Music Hall, and take an active role in creating public art projects such as the Dan Lawrie International Sculpture Collection and the All Our Relations project.

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Creative Heart Space

Creative Heart Space is an independent artist run creative art studio.
We offer creative classes, workshops, events, and community engagement activities.
Through our online store we have an exciting selection of craft kits, arts & craft supplies, and creative arts books for all ages.
We are passionate about giving back and host several grass roots projects a year to help assist those in need in our community.

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Curtain Call Performing Arts Company

Our goal is to give students a safe place where they feel welcome and have the ability to discover who they are as individuals, while sparking their passion within the arts. Musical theatre classes allow students to develop self confidence, independence, responsibility, and create beautiful friendships throughout the process.Curtain Call is not only a space to learn, grow and perform but it is a space where everyone belongs.

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Hamilton Artists Inc.

As an artist-run centre, Hamilton Artists Inc. empowers artists of all career levels to take risks with their contemporary visual arts practices and present their work in a critical context. Our exhibitions, publications, and special projects offer education and mentorship, facilitate regional and national dialogue, and encourage collaboration, conversation, and critical inquiry. Our programs are free and open to everyone.

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Hamilton Arts & Letters

“there have always been people making art and surviving outside the mainstream.” -Sandra Alland, HAL 12.2

Hamilton Arts & Letters
• is operated by a collective of artists
• publishes a free magazine presenting new visual, audio, film, and literary works
• resists ableism and supports disabled artists.
• stands with those acting to end systemic racism
• recognizes and supports the history, creativity, and courage of sexually diverse communities
• advocates for Climate Action

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Hamilton Arts Council

Hamilton is an amazing place to live, and HAC exists to support and strengthen our Steeltown. HAC believes the Hamilton Region, and Six Nations, provide a dynamic arts scene, and HAC is committed to connecting arts in these communities and creating a colourful future. HAC envisions a community where professional careers in the arts are sustainable and thriving. Hamilton needs creative thinkers, makers, and presenters to amplify our city’s voice on the national stage. Your donations directly fuel HAC's projects and programs that promote arts for all.

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Hamilton Burlesque Society

The Hamilton Burlesque Society was established in 2018 to help revive burlesque entertainment in the city of Hamilton after bylaws were amended to allow for this art form to take place.

Hamilton Burlesque Society offers classes, workshops, community engagement, and live events. We believe burlesque is for every body type and ability level. 2SLGBTQIA+ safe space.

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Hamilton Mountain Writers' Guild

We foster, encourage, and promote the development of writers in Hamilton, Ontario. Each writer belongs, irrespective of their writing skill. Our programs take the form of workshops peer-review, and opportunities for publishing within a supportive environment. We partner with community organizations to expand the experience of writing.
1). Promote great writing.
2). Provide educational opportunities.
3). Clear the path to creative writing and publication.
4). Supporting our community through Neighbour to Neighbour.

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Imagine In The Park

Imagine In The Park is a free children's arts festival held annually in Gage Park on the first Saturday in June. Our festival features on hands-on workshops hosted by professional local artists in various forms of the arts such as: dance, music, storytelling, poetry, drawing, performance arts and much more. For 2021 we're going digital with pre-recorded workshops led by our artists.

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Industry is an idea for how things could work in the arts. We want to present and support art that is relevant and different, striving to push the envelope both in our art and our artistic governance, building a company in which power is shared. We want to be a place you feel excited, challenged, heard, and safe. Our times require discussion. Our communities require expression. Industry is theatre for the modern world.

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Rook’s Theatre

Rook's Theatre is an independent theatre company in Hamilton that centres story-driven work in found or non-traditional spaces to amplify the relationship between community and theatre.

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Stoney Creek School of Art

We are an all inclusive visual art school that offers a wide range of classes for students of all ages and abilities.

We believe that the practice of visual art strengthens problem solving skills, critical thinking, self awareness and builds self confidence in all students, no matter the age.

Right now we are offering all virtual lessons, workshops and parties.

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Studio k2

Artist-run studio (artist karen Klucowicz is practising visual artist) offering art experiences for individuals, team building art events —classes & workshops, art staycations) —and opportunities for professional artists — a contemporary art gallery & studio share, networking and creative retreats.

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Tottering Biped Theatre

Tottering Biped Theatre was founded in 2009 as a social justice inspired theatre company. We devise contemporary pieces through a workshop process spanning several years to create highly physical works of artistic excellence during the Fall/Winter. We also tour 'Liquid Lead' gender neutral partner dance talks and workshops. During the summer we create contemporary, highly physical interpretations of Shakespeare. Our works have addressed poverty, Israeli-Palestinian relations, same sex marriage, violence against women, and mental health.

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Tower Poetry Society

Tower was established in 1951 and is a non-profit organization dedicated solely to supporting new and seasoned poets, and promoting the art of poetry. We publish two books yearly, and we attract submissions from all over the world. Follow us on Instagram #towerpoetrysocietycanada and facebook!

Whilst we celebrate the incredible presenters during Hamilton Arts Week (June 3-12, 2021), we will highlight the amazing groups and orgs that deliver arts programming across the Hamilton region, and let people know how they can support them. We are calling upon our creative community to amplify our urgent request for support from audiences and businesses who may be in a position to donate. Vital donations should not have to come from affected artists and groups from within our own community.